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18 Mar 2019, 13:04

Hiya. My name is Matt. Most of you know me as Waffle or Springsight, and I wanted to run a tabletop game called Pathfinder (a variant D&D style tabletop RPG!) for the community! Now, some of you might have played D&D 5e, and lemme tell ya, this is...a bit more complex, but in being so, it offers a lot more character customization and play options! (Just to name one, I was able to literally make Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star, and there's literally an entire archetype of a class based on old timey samurai.)
That being said, it can be overwhelming for first time players! But I've got a lot of experience in this game, and I can likely help guide you to what you want to do! Because, within the game's mechanical complexity is a rewarding experience in all aspects of a campaign, from intrigue, to roleplay, to combat!

Now, about me as a GM:

I prioritize fun over mechanics, but I don't let that affect my rulings on things that are broken.

I like a healthy mix of combat and roleplay scenarios, and sometimes...this can get kinda cheesy in how they mix!

I enjoy incorporating stuff from people's backstories into the game, and having that be unique chances to build their character's personality and relationships!

A few things I'm picky about:
I don't like being talked over as the GM.

Otherwise I'm pretty chill!

I'd be running a base adventure path, something written by the creators of the game, and it'd be decided by those interested (There are options there too, like an Asian style setting, A Skyrim type icy northland, and more!)

Message me on Discord or reply to this forum post if interested! Let me know what you'd wanna play, and eBay you'd wanna achieve with that character!

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