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Say hi, tell us who you are, we won't bite too hard.
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12 Mar 2019, 14:16

Hey Guys, I am Dan (can't be more clear about that ghehe).

Anyways I've copied the template to get a better grip of what I'm about to say.

Sooooo as I've said, I am Dan.
A 28 year old guy from the Netherlands, who has been making music for quite some time.
When I was young I grew up play Bass(guitar) and as my roots as Dutchy I kinda got in touch with electronic music really early.

Personally I'm not really bound to one genre of music, which makes it hard to pin down what music I really make.
Right now I have put out a dubstep track, but I am at the moment working on a 100bpm song and I really want to do like some 125/128bpm after this. So yeah I'm not really pinned down to one style or genre. Just me!

Anyways you can find my work at , but I'm also on twitter/instagram @IAMDANMUSIC

Besides producing music I am at the moment really busy with work and going back to school to get a bachelors degree.
So yeah I don't really have hobbies at the moment, however I am going to gym quite often.
I want to become more part of a 'community' just to get more (internet) friends and make some producer-friends where hopefully we can both learn a thing or two from eachother.

Fun fact(s): I have renamed two times over now, not that I was that 'known'. I've just been unlucky with namepickings in the past and I really want to be copyright free!

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13 Mar 2019, 00:49

Welcome to Tripulse, friend.

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