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25 Jan 2019, 19:05

Those of you who are active in the Tripulse community will very likely know about Game Nights. A game is selected, date is picked, badda bing badda boom and you've got yourself an evening of fun!

In a similar fashion; i would like to propose to you Glowtide's RPG Evenings. I have a selection of RPG's lying around that i would like to host, and would like to invite you guys to play them. I am creating this thread to gauge interest as i have no idea how many people are interested in this sort of thing.

In short, sessions would most likely be every fortnight on either Saturday or Sunday (times and schedule tbc) and would cater from 3-5 players depending on the game. Again game length varies with each RPG, but i would like to aim for hour and a half to two hour sessions (could be longer if required).

What games do i own / am familiar with?

DND 5E - Good ol hack and slash, magic casting, goblin stabbing fun by Wizards Of The Coast. Pretty sure everyone knows what this is and how it works, ran a couple of holiday themed one offs before and took part in many a game.

Adventures In Middle Earth - Adventurers come from all the Free Peoples of Wilderland and beyond, all heeding the call to adventure. This is a conversion of the One Ring roleplaying games by crucible7 to use the DND 5e ruleset. Many aspects and rules have been modified to better fit the middle earth theme. I have a pretty good understanding of the rules and source material, though I have not ran a game yet.

Star Wars Age Of Rebellion - Join the Rebel alliance as you try to thwart imperial plans on the verdant world of Onderon. This is one of the star wars rpgs by Fantasy Flight. It uses their narrative dice system to make rolling skill checks a little more interesting. I am currently running the beginner game and expansion for a few friends, its super fun! (unless you don't like star wars of course).

Genesys - Blast hordes of reanimated skeletons with holy fire, explore new worlds in a steam-powered zeppelin, match wits with alien warlords. Genesys has it all baby! Fantasy Flights generic RPG system. Again it uses their narrative dice, but can be applied to any setting (e.g fantasy, cyberpunk, etc). I do not own the core book for this but would be willing to get it. From what I have heard it is fairly easy to pick up and play.

Vikingr - Gather some friends and become a Viking! Sail the seas, fight mythical creatures and pillage far away lands for loot and renown. A Viking themed RPG based on the open d6 dice rolling system. This one is fairly new and I know the least about it. I purchased the core book last November and have only briefly read it, but it seems like a lot of fun. Can be ran as either a more historical or fantasy setting.

Challenges and Caveats

1. With tripulse having members all over the world, coordinating something like this can somewhat easy ... or most likely an absolute nightmare. Untill i know who is interested its hard to judge how easy sessions will be to coordinate.

2. As some of you may know most RPG's have some sort of core rulebook, and possibly also a players handbook. Obviously these things do tend to cost money. So, if possible i will try to provide all of the recources needed to play the games and try to keep it as acessible as possible. There may be some exeptions depending on the game but i will try my best.

3. "I have never played anything like this before, this all looks very confusing!" Not at all! Most game systems these day are fairly streamlined easy to pick up. Most of them also derive from eachother, once you have learnt one you can play pretty much anything!

So if you are interested, leave a post with what you would like to play and or get out of sessions. If you have any ideas or anything to add, post them too! More info will be added as and when needed.

TLDR: I would like to host RPG evenings. This thread is to guage interest. Timetable TBC. Leave a post if Interested. More info added as and when needed.

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