This place is super pretty but...

The title here is pretty self explanatory, don't you think?
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03 Jan 2019, 17:52

I'll be honest here. I genuinely think this is the best rendition of edmD/Tripulse to have ever existed.

My only concern is the current level of activity here.

It's almost a barren wasteland.

We gotta get people here. There's so much potential for it. People might argue that discord is a better and more accessible alternative but it really isn't. It's only a method of communication that a very small percentage internet users are interested in partaking in.

Weirdly worded sentence, that was.

More importantly, how do we spread the word?

I could tell my musician friends about this place but they're all Discordians. This is better for the more mainstream audiences. Those who use YouTube and Twitter and Instagram... y'know?

Otherwise, I hardly see a reason for Tripulse to exist as anything more than a legacy. Which really is a shame, because there really is untapped potential here. It's just really hard to create a dedicated community without first having the network reach of people who wouldn't prefer Discord as an alternative.

The demographic's there, guess we gotta hop on social media to spread the word.. Or summin... o:

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04 Jan 2019, 13:49

You've got it a little backwards actually. You're right that discord is neither better nor an alternative, but forums are the method of communication only a small percentage of people are interested in. Look at the producer's forum, they've got hundreds of times more members than we do and even their forum looks rather barren nowadays. Reddit is the real alternative to a forum, which leads us back to the more important matter of spreading the word.

Tell your friends. That's it, really. That goes for everyone. Doesn't matter if they're coming from discord, social media, the next door down the street or wherever else, the way to spread the word is to spread the word. The activity level on the forum will never be as high as it is on discord, but that's because they're fundamentally different methods of communication. Forums tend to be more long form, thought out discourse whereas discord is just a hangout spot... which is kinda what Tripulse is meant to be, a hangout spot that does things sometimes. This does remind me though, I was going to set up discord announcements for new forum posts.

This isn't better for the sort that use YouTube and Twitter and such, because those people will just continue to use those things. We also use both of those. We had a subreddit before this forum and I'll be the first to admit we only have the forum now because I don't like reddit. This is a legacy. Literally, forums are legacy products. That said, our forum is about as accessible as possible what with the ability to register/login with your existing accounts elsewhere.

Way I see it, the blog is our town hall, the forum is our campus, and the discord is our clubhouse... if that makes sense. I don't expect the forum to ever get more than a minuscule fraction of the activity seen on discord because that's just the way it is nowadays, but that's fine by me so long as it exists and does something.

Spreading the word has always been our achilles heel not just as a community, but as individuals too for the most part. None of us have the following to just plug Tripulse and get traction, and we're all massive introverted nerds that stay cozy in our caves instead of talking with people on social media. So to sum it all up, like I said before, just tell your friends.

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