Favorites of the Year?

What were your favorites releases of the year?

Talk about stuff here, unless it fits better in the Musician's Corner.
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22 Dec 2018, 21:37

Hey there, I have an article on the blog. It lists a lot of the songs, album’s and EP’s I’ve been obsessed with this year as well as a few picks from fellow community members!

What were yours this year?

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22 Dec 2018, 21:48

Any comments about Powerwolf being remotely good will be awarded an enemy request.

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22 Dec 2018, 22:00


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20 Jan 2019, 15:06

Reply is a little late as I just made a forum account (I'll put in italics particularly amazing stuff)


Aether - Nexus II EP
Apashe - Requiem EP
Au5 & Mr. Bill - The Recency Effect LP
CHEE - Aggressive Generosity EP
G Jones - The Ineffable Truth LP
Monuman - Polychoral EP
Of The Trees - Harvest EP
Quok - Krov LP
Shurk - Into the Void LP
Varien - Death Asked A Question EP
Vorso - The Imperative EP

Artsever - Mettlesome
ATLAST & SWARM - A Christmas Song
Clockvice - Disgrace
Clockvice - Hideous
Crimson Child - Agony (ft. Sofie Kane)
FERA - Digestion
Former & Noisia - Cleansing
Frequent - Pumple Snout
Jason Hou & Yider - Foreign Land (Jai Tee Remix)
Mr. Bill & Of The Trees - Pish Posh
Psymbionic - Hypnotoad
QZB - Heptine (Vorso Remix)
Razat - Clipping (Vorso Remix)
Skope - The Spaniard Pt. 2
SWARM - The Nothing
Toka & Vorso - Armada
Umpire - All The Things (Clockvice Remix)
Wontolla - Nightmare Court VIP
ZES - Set Mind

I do have a few things to say.

The Recency Effect LP was an album I heard when I was only following 4 or so artists, and when I heard it, it introduced me to Mr. Bill, Clockvice, Vorso, and pretty much everybody else on the album was someone I ended up following by the end of the year. Because of all the connections in music, I am now following 75 artists, as compared to what it was last year.

The Krov LP was an album that slipped through the cracks, being not posted on soundcloud at all. Quok is an amazing artist, and made this album on the emotional level of an Alon Mor album.

FERA's song Digestion is an amazing first song from an artist, and it blows your brains out with bass. Definitely worth a listen.

Vorso's remix of QZB's Heptine is not a big hit, not even one he reposted. However, it is amazing in its relaxed tempo that allows for a soothing start and a hard and melodic second drop. Amazing song.

On the topic of Vorso, his song with Toka, Armada, is probably one of my favorite songs of all time. It has an agressive drumline, strings, and is just overall a banger.

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