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The Future

Posted: 21 Jan 2019, 16:43
by Adrian
So Canvas and Tripulooza are things that happened recently. Check out those links if you don’t know what’s up with those events!

If you were part of or listened to Tripod last night (Sunday, sometime between the end of Pax South and the and Arins livestream of Kingdom Hearts) you’ll know that we had a good little talk about those things. If you didn’t hear any of that, just hang tight and wait for a blog post with links to that.

Now that Tripulse is back up and walking at a steady pace I wanted to pose a few questions for our community:
  • What do you wish to see from us in the future?
  • How do you feel we can improve upon previous events?
  • What do you think you can contribute to past and future events?
Thanks for your time, hope you guys have a great day!

Re: The Future

Posted: 24 Jan 2019, 18:19
by Kit
I mentioned some of this in Tripod 4, so I'll just do a short summary of those things.

I'd like to see more from Tripulse in general. More events, more potential, more community involvement, more of everything. But, I run Tripulse so of course I'd want that. What I really want is to hear what everyone else wants so I can have some food for thought.

Tripulooza and Canvas were both great events that turned out well in the end, but we failed to actually plan things out beyond the initial stages and took on a lot of stress for it. Better planning and organization is the biggest improvement we can make right away, and it's going to happen. Canvas still isn't technically finished yet since the album has yet to be released and the merch has yet to be sold, but I hope we can build up some reputation for what we do and reach progressively further heights.

As for what I can contribute... I... I'll do my best.

Re: The Future

Posted: 25 Jan 2019, 13:24
by Glowtide
The recent events going on with Tripulse have been great! The future looks bright indeed.

If there is enough people interested I would love to run some sort of scheduled tabletop/RPG night. I have a few different games lying around that I haven't had a chance to try out yet! I will create a separate thread to gauge interest!

Re: The Future

Posted: 30 Jan 2019, 17:55
by Adrian
Yo definitely want to get the community into tabletop RPGs! Heading over to your thread to give my thoughts!

Tune into Tripod on Feb 17th for announcements from me about Lost Lands, Tripulse Week and a a Summer event I have no name for yet!

Re: The Future

Posted: 13 Sep 2019, 14:47
by epichord
I've had an idea for a while so I'll just put it here. A sound design challenge thing. You get a list of sounds and you have to make all the sounds on the list (example: Bell - make a bell sound. Snare - make a snare). I think it would be fun.