Tripulse Hydration Delivery Service

a whole lot of numbers and links to websites dealing with Adrian's research into the THDS merchandise and launch.

The title here is pretty self explanatory, don't you think?
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Shirts begin preorders on Feb. 28th. Yellow is Pre-order exclusive, Berry will be kept in stock. The pre-order price is 18, 20 for stock. You'll notice some asterisks in the post, those are secret things that will be revealed after the launch.

Planned additions, products, and promotional things:
  • Stickers
    Stainless Steel Water Bottles
Initial Cost breakdowns:
  • Front Print: 8.75 x 45 =393.75
    Front Print 2XL: 10.50 x 5 =52.50
    Tag Setup Fee: 5.00 x 5 =25
    Tags: 1.60 x 50 =80
    ***: 0.44 x 250 = 109
    ***: 34.50
    Total: 695.55 = 13.92 per shirt (rounded to 15)
Shirts are Canvas 3001, made from 100% Combed and Ring-Spun Cotton. Printed by Threadbird using their Premium Standard, which is made of a discharge under base (normal under base would be a plain white plastisol print) and their 'special soft inks'. ... shirts/222 ... m-standard

Sales & Prices:
  • Pre-orders Berry & Yellow: 18 per Shirt
    Stock Berry: 20 per shirt
    ***: 2.50 per two
One (1) *** comes with each shirt. Rather than charge extra for 2XL the price is divided up with the entire batch. Profit for each shirt is projected at three to five dollars depending on the preorder sales.

Profits And Spreads:
  • Profit per shirt: 3 (kept to the lower estimate)
    Donation to Water is Life: 0.75 per shirt
    Donation to HDS: 0.75 per shirt
    Total profit: 150 per batch of 50
    Total Donations: 75
    Returns: 75
Bearing in mind the production costs, the additional items cost, the profit margin appears small. Charitable spreads tend to lean this way.

Research on additional products:
  • 23 oz. Stainless Steel Water Bottle: 9.56 x 12 (normally 13.66?) = 114.72
    26 oz. Stainless Steel Bullet Water Bottle: 8.39 x 12 = 100.68
    Water Bottle Setup Fees: 49
    Totals: 163.72 and/or 149.68
    1.25 Soft Enamel Pins: 3.36 x 50 = 168
    Foil Stamped Business Cards/Pin Backing = 35.61
    Total: 203.61
Water bottled printed and sold by Discount Mugs ... r-bottles/ ... s-bottles/

Pins created by Threadbird

Business Cards created at Vistaprint ... nav=TopNav

Additional Costs:
Artwork: 350 (Split between two commissions)
Website Domain: 20 per year
Squarespace: 30 per month
Shipping: 5 Domestic, 15 International
ShipStation: 9 per month

None of these costs are tied into the THDS launch or sales. Rather most are simple business expenses. Shipping remains a bit of a rouge element at the moment because while ShipStation says they offer discounts on shipping rates I can't see them until I have a membership. And getting one would be wasteful without having anything to ship.

Fun fact, if the cost of the artwork was included in the shirt cost that would make them 19.91 per shirt. Which is a 1.91 loss on pre-orders and of only ten cents profit on stock.

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