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Posted: 25 Sep 2018, 23:21
by Kit
We got a podcast what for casting pods or something. It exists, and this is the thread to talk about it in. One thread for all the episodes.

Here's a YouTube playlist for Tripod: ... UWPG-2aKV9
We're not currently set up for syndication, but when we are, I'll probably add another link or two here.

Want to talk about ideas for the next Tripod, or maybe join in? Talk to @Adrian about it, he's the mastermind of this operation.

Re: Tripod

Posted: 25 Sep 2018, 23:33
by Kit
This here is the first episode.

Re: Tripod

Posted: 24 Oct 2018, 20:56
by Kit
Second episode:

Also we've got two spinoffs, recapping Bass Canyon:
and Lost Lands: