Music from Tripod: December 2019

music discussed in the December 2019 episode of Tripod. Features a grouping of music from Adrian, Cel, Qualico, and Kit

Talk about stuff here, unless it fits better in the Musician's Corner.
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HEY hey hey! New forum posts! A cool guy does things!

It's Adrian, your local sensitive guy in plaid! Down below is a Spotify playlist of the majority of the music discussed and mentioned in Tripod last week! Also, a separate link to Yeezus by Kanye cause Cel did mention it but I mean come on.

Playlist here


There were also a couple of things that aren't on Spotify:

Majestic Chronos by Talurre

Zerstreuung by lalanoi

Volant's album Two was the chosen release of the month for this installment, want to discuss it with us? Add your thoughts in this thread.

Did you find anything interesting this month? Please share it below!

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