Canvas - Overcome [OPEN]

Time for another Canvas

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I'm not going to put the whole announcement in this post, that's redundant. Go read the actual announcement if you haven't already.

So, here's the lowdown. Like it says in the announcement, your assignment should you choose to accept it is to look at this picture and make a song based on it. What kind of mood do you think this picture conveys? How do you feel about it? What do you think is happening? Keep all that in mind when you make your song, really try to paint your own picture.

This picture is the result of being prompted by a single word.
The word: Overcome.


Sorixa made this, they're on Twitter and Instagram, and around Tripulse as well.
Open the spoiler if you want some more words to go off of.
Instead of either me or Sorixa coming up with a little story for a theme, we're leaning extra hard into the visual side of it this time. Look back at the cover art of Revival, then of Pursuit, and then back at this. The girl in the cover has gone through some character development. Listen to the previous albums again too if you want some inspiration. This is the conclusion of a story arc for her, and she's coming out on top.
No genre requirement, no tempo restriction, no key restriction, nothing of the sort. You have absolute creative freedom. As long as you feel like the song you make fits that picture, it qualifies. The only rule is that you can't be using uncleared samples and such, y'know, the usual copyright stuff. The only other rule is that you can't name your track "Overcome" because there is no title track. You can be more creative than that, I believe in you.


So here's how you enter.

First, upload your track to soundcloud or clyp or anywhere else that we can stream it. If you have a mastered version, use that.
Make it a private link and post it in this thread for judging. You don't have to post it here, but we'd very much prefer it if you did.

Next, please prepare an unmastered version and submit it through this form.
Submitting a mastered version won't disqualify you, but we'd prefer unmastered files.

Submissions close on October 1st 2020.

After submissions close, we will judge all the submissions and choose the best of the bunch to go on the album. Everyone who makes it past the judging will win a prize
First prize will win a $60 (USD) cash prize, a month of Discord Nitro, and two free pieces of merch.
Second prize will win a $40 cash prize, a month of Discord Nitro, and one free piece of merch.
Third prize will win a $20 cash prize and a month of Discord Nitro
Everyone else who passes judging will get $5.

As a reminder, from here on out 100% of the proceeds from Canvas albums will be donated to Notes for Notes. We will also sell album merch for a limited time after the album is released, and 50% of the proceeds from merch sales will also be donated.

Our targeted release window is October 22nd-31st.


If you have any questions about the theme, want to discuss ideas with others, or want constructive criticism on your song, feel free to discuss in this thread or join our Discord server. If you have questions about the submission form, please private message me here on the forums or DM me on Discord.

Let's make something great happen!

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Rendition 1 - first pass

Will be levelling the mix and fixing minor timing errors in the next pass.

Scratch that, I was too lazy and/or just don't have the creative energy to do any rerecording on this track. There's a middle portion that I do dislike but to rerecord would be quite a process for me, with the baby and whatnot. Hopefully somebody somewhere likes this hahaha

This song, as with most of my lyrical work, is about my journey through life - overcoming my conflicted self-image.

I projected a false, idealised version of myself for much of my life. I let people believe that I was someone I'm not - the facade was powerful for projecting the change I wanted to see in myself, but habituated a destructive tendency within me. Instead of facing the facets of my being which needed change, I lulled myself into a false sense of security and built walls surrounding those lies. Whenever my lies were contested, I would erect a new pillar founded on deception in order to avoid dismantling my ego.


From childhood to adulthood, zelda was a major recurring theme - I had all sorts of merch and my preferred name during transhood literally came from it. I promise you, it was something I'd project very clearly. I had answers to all sorts of zelda-related questions like "fav game?" when in reality, I literally never beat a single one. Just a random example to illustrate my point, where I'd hide behind a wall of lies to back myself up - "fav part of [insert title here]?" - "[insert vague made up idea because I didn't play that one]

It's hard to explain in a clear manner, but this song is a reflection on the genuine work I've put into myself to change as a person instead of continuing to project a fake "ideal" me to the world. I hope you enjoy, my aim with lyrical content is to help others facing similar situations to me. I hope it resonates with you.

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It is me: Poof, it is here

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Here's my tune. Wanted to make a little microcosm of the 3 art pieces, so the intro and drop are meant to represent the first compilation, being just lovely in general. The in-between is based on pursuit, being a little more aggressive and darker, and then the second drop and outro were driven by this most recent work of art, trying to be more joyous.

Spent about 28 hours on this according to FL Studio. Tried to fill it with lovely orchestral elements, coming from a background in band. So there's some piano, strings, harps, and some bassoon playing from me.
Really happy with the final product and happy to be a part of this.

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