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Say hi, tell us who you are, we won't bite too hard.
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Who I am:
Hi, I'm quar. (formerly quarantine) I make music like most other people here.

Where I'm from:
I was born in Florida and moved to northern Virginia. I'm about 20 minutes away from DC

How I found Tripulse:
I've been in the discord server for a while now, and I've even been in the forums before. (under a different account when i went by quarantine) I'm going to try to be an active member in this community from now on.

The kind of stuff I make:
I usually make dubsteppy something or whatever. I don't really aim for any specific genre when starting off a new project, nor do i identify as a producer of a subgenre, so i feel like my projects usually end up in a gray area upon completion.

Where you can find my work:
It's rare that I'll ever upload something, but I'm working with some labels and I've scheduled some things with Night Owl Collective for their upcoming compilation.

Other hobbies:
I do marching and concert band for my school. Our band director says were some of the best in the state so that's something i guess? I play percussion which is a broad term for a lot of instruments, but I usually stick to the mallet instruments.
I'm also pretty decent at drawing, but i'm awful with color. Usually I just do my stuff with pencil since everything is done at school. Most of the time they're Kirby drawings because of all the simple shapes and such. If you haven't looked into any of the cool deep Kirby lore I hope you do soon. I want to get into graphic design at some point, my branding is really lacking.

Fun fact(s):
Xilent is a good artist. I've got him friended on steam.

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are good.

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