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by aryll
13 Sep 2020, 12:03
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Topic: Canvas - Overcome [OPEN]
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Re: Canvas - Overcome [OPEN]

Rendition 1 - first pass

Will be levelling the mix and fixing minor timing errors in the next pass.

Scratch that, I was too lazy and/or just don't have the creative energy to do any rerecording on this track. There's a middle portion that I do dislike but to rerecord would be quite a process for me, with the baby and whatnot. Hopefully somebody somewhere likes this hahaha

This song, as with most of my lyrical work, is about my journey through life - overcoming my conflicted self-image.

I projected a false, idealised version of myself for much of my life. I let people believe that I was someone I'm not - the facade was powerful for projecting the change I wanted to see in myself, but habituated a destructive tendency within me. Instead of facing the facets of my being which needed change, I lulled myself into a false sense of security and built walls surrounding those lies. Whenever my lies were contested, I would erect a new pillar founded on deception in order to avoid dismantling my ego.


From childhood to adulthood, zelda was a major recurring theme - I had all sorts of merch and my preferred name during transhood literally came from it. I promise you, it was something I'd project very clearly. I had answers to all sorts of zelda-related questions like "fav game?" when in reality, I literally never beat a single one. Just a random example to illustrate my point, where I'd hide behind a wall of lies to back myself up - "fav part of [insert title here]?" - "[insert vague made up idea because I didn't play that one]

It's hard to explain in a clear manner, but this song is a reflection on the genuine work I've put into myself to change as a person instead of continuing to project a fake "ideal" me to the world. I hope you enjoy, my aim with lyrical content is to help others facing similar situations to me. I hope it resonates with you.